I want to write more but I keep on starting then stopping, I’m not sure why this happens. I sometimes feel like my writing isn’t that great and get put off from writing, but at times I am very passionate about a topic and can write for a good 3 - 4 hours about it.

I know the on/off writing is something that happens every year for me because when I look at my blog posts on my personal website I can see a pattern. I go a few months where I am in full on writing mode, then the rest of the year is just full of no writing at all.

Writing is challenging

I mean writing is challenging, it’s one of those things that require a lot of patience and time to get correct. I’m pretty tough on myself when it comes to writing too, I want to be sure the person reading is getting valuable information and that it’s clear enough for them. Most of the times I’m writing for future me.

Procrastinating my days away

Social media has its good sides but it also has its bad sides. I can spend countless hours scrolling down my Twitter timeline just to see if I missed anything, this doesn’t seem like a time drain at first until you look at the clock and realised you didn’t get much meaningful work done. The blame isn’t purely on social media because I as an individual have choices that I need to make each day and time boxing my social media activities should be one of those choices I make.

Improving my days

I can improve my days by planning them. Right now my days aren’t planned, the only part of my day that is planned is the hours that I do work for my employer, everything else just happens by fluke. This is not a good way to get things done. I’ve always said plan your day so that your day don’t plan for you.

Write more

If we have our days planned then we can also plan in time for writing, now this can just be writing in general, it doesn’t have to be something specific at first since I’m just trying to get back into writing again.