Over the past few months some interesting development have been happening in the MODX community. One of those changes is the whole transition between the SiphonLabs team and the MODX team. Now that the skies have cleared of all the cloud, I am happy with the progress of both companies.

SiphonLabs will be at this year’s Wordcamp go check them out.

Other changes that I am really happy about is the announcement of modmore. This is a new company by community member Mark Hamstra selling professionally developed MODX addons (extras as some call them). This has been something the MODX community have been lacking in the past and to see a viable commercial marketplace being opened is a great thing.

It would be great to see the community get behind this, Mark Hamstra has spent countless hours helping members of the community, working for MODX as a employee in the past and continue to support the community and the platform to this very day. He currently donates some of his time in making MODX better for the community as a whole.

When I said Build Awesome this is the kind of awesomeness I like seeing, Mark Hamstra and those working with him have taken awesomeness to its fullness and your support is required to make this a success for Mark and MODX as a whole.

Go get more out of your MODX and join modmore